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Bunker15 Projects

The American Meme

A film by Bert Marcus


Stay Human

A film by Michael Franti


A Boy Called SailBoat


The Light of the Moon

A film by Jessica M. Thomson


For Now


Cold November

A film by Karl Jacob


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Customers Reviews

Karl Jacob

Director of Cold November

Bunker15 was instrumental in getting us the final push we needed leading up to our VOD release in a smart, structured, informed way that no traditional PR firm could offer. As an indie filmmaker, it is not only money well spent, but a crucial, forward-thinking approach to modern, targeted outreach when you need it the most.

Paris Hilton

The Simple Life, American Meme, @parishilton

"Films should be leveraging all these (small media) journalists. Writers want to promote and write about good films. They are a huge resource that all films, big and small, should be accessing."

Bert Marcus

Director of American Meme and Champs

It is critical to get great attention from film journalists but the question is how without spending millions. If you think the only way to get critical and audience praise for your film is to put it in theaters in LA, NY and a hundred other cities, it will cost a fortune to buy media attention that way. ...

Jessica M.Thompson

Writer and Director of Light of the Moon

I cannot speak more highly of Bunker 15 Films and their team. Their efforts made the online release of The Light of The Moon a huge success and contributed to our film being named in the top lists on both Amazon Prime and iTunes. In today's competitive distribution market, you need to stand out from the crowd, and Bunker 15 made all the difference to getting our indie film seen far and wide.

Orly Ravid

Film Collaborative

Bunker 15 jumped in on a rushed basis to reach out to media around the world and was successful in getting us many more reviews in our effort to meet the publicity goals. Bunker 15 is great to work with and they really deliver!